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It’s our goal to provide both you and your patients with a seamless experience during the transition of ownership.

I was in solo practice for nine years before I met Sue and David… unfortunately, I was forced to be a “jack-of-all-trades” and couldn’t concentrate on Optometry.

With the partnership, my stress level disappeared and my appreciation of Optometry was growing once again.

Dr. Kirsten Albrecht

I joined MyEyeDr. in 2002. Prior to that I was enjoying all the professional aspects of Optometry but was increasingly frustrated by the time commitment required to administer the business side of my practice.

Capital Vision Services offered me good value for my practice and allowed me to enjoy my profession without the hassles of insurance companies and practice management.

Dr. Bruce Goodman

Since I have joined MyEyeDr. my stress level associated with the day to day management of my practice has dropped dramatically.

The recent conversion to ICD -10 in the past would have required untold hours of my time planning, training, buying new computers and software, hiring consultants, etc. MyEyeDr handled it all and there was a seamless conversion the day of the change over.

Dr. Andy Cook